Save The USA


Get rid of the TSA. 

It is wasting Billions of Tax Payers Money with a Tiny Bit of actual Benefit.

Force our Government to follow the constitution of the United States.

Global Warming:

There is no significant impact on Global Warming.  It is a  perfect example that people just believe what they hear on the news.  Check the facts.

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The facts:  The top 10% highest wage earners paid over 70% of the total federal tex burden.  Source:  IRS.

IRS Excel File Statistics



     Force our government to follow the constitution:

Vote for candidates that will protect our rights.  Get rid of career politicians.

Serving the people should be a duty not a windfall.  Get rid of the benefits that attract the greedy.  Eliminate career politicians.  Vote out the incumbents when possible.  Speak up.  Do something.  Make your vote count.  Hold our representatives to their words.

History and Future of CT (Forbes):

     Protect our 2nd Ammendment Rights:

2nd Ammendment