DIY Remote Backup System

Purpose: To create an off-site remote backup of all your data


1>  Each file and folder to be backed up individually to allow for randam restore acces

2>  Backup will use 256-bit ZIP encryption to reduce backup size and insure security.

3>  First backup to be done remotely to allow the first backup to be done quickly.

What you will need:

1>  Network Hard Drive ($200-1TB).  Recommend Western Digital: $150 for 21TB

2>  Backup Software ($60).  I recommend Syncovery as it has all the capabilities outlined in the assumptions.

3>  Friend with a broadband internet connection willing to host your backup drive.

          a.  Connect your network drive to their router via ethernet connection.

          b.  Get s DSN to IP address resolver if you have an dynamic IP address at home.  (most people do)

You can get a free account from DYNDNS.

Basic Steps:

1>  Buy Network Hard drive and Backup Software

2>  Connect drive directly to the computer you wish to backup

3>  Setup in your backup software the files and folders that you wish to be backed up.

4>  Completed your first backup.’

5>  Connect to your router only as a IP based drive and update your full backup. 

6>  Once completed, ship or drop off your drive with your friend.  Setup DNS name that you will use to access the drive over the web.

7>  Update your backup software to point to the DNS/IP address of the drive.

8>  Schedule your software to backup every night all file that have changed.

This is just my first draft.  I plan on adding details regarding each step of this process including setup details for Super Flexible File Synchronizer and setup of the WD My World II drive.

If you are waiting for more details then send me an email and I will update this information more quickly.